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Symposium Background

Aluminum has been identified as the most versatile metal, and is consumed widely next to steel. Its amazing and versatile qualities render itself to an almost endless range of applications. Aluminum touches our daily life in various forms ranging from Extrusions (door & window), Castings (auto parts), Tubes (radiators & other HVAC systems), Sheetcoils (roofing/automobile), Plates (shipping & tooling), Foil (food packaging) and Forgings (auto parts) to the finest value addition in many forms. Aluminum is unique when it comes to a combination of characteristics such as its superior weight to strength ratio, flexibility while being durable, corrosive resistant and, most importantly, it’s hundred percent recyclable, thereby possesses the qualities of a green material. Hence coating for Aluminium becomes very important due to its wide usage.

The 3rd Zak Aluminium Surface Finish Symposium will provide a knowledge platform on the global best practices in coating on aluminium extruded profiles. This symposium will help the applicators to find out how to apply the best practices to do more with less, increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of major projects.

Key attractions :

  • Introduction of quality labels – Qualicoat, Qualanod, Qualisteelcoat and Qualideco.
  • In depth interactive workshops on pre surface treatment systems
  • Workshops on coating technologies – Innovation and right application
  • Roadmap for Quality: An engaging group discussion with panel representation from leading Architect, Developer, Installer, Coater and Supplier.

About Qualicoat

QUALICOAT is a quality label organisation committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of coating on aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications. To determine whether or not a coating meets a customer’s requirements, the results need to be measurable against technical specifications. Working on behalf of customers who have their products coated, QUALICOAT defines5 comprehensive quality requirements and monitors their compliance by licensed plants worldwide. This gives purchasers of coated aluminium the assurance that they will receive a premium-grade product delivering long-term value and consistent quality.

What Are the Benefits of QUALICOAT?

Asking for the QUALICOAT label adds value to building products:

  • Licensed plants have a distinct competitive edge over their rivals
  • Customers and specifiers receive coated products that meet clearly defined quality and performance criteria.
  • Qualicoat’s 3rd Party Testing, gives a sense of satisfaction and keeps the standard of quality consistently high. Thus , the coater, the fabricator and the end consumer are safe guarded and insulated against any coating surprises.

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