Terms of usage

1. a. In these Rules and Regulations, the term exhibitor shall include all employees, staff and agents of any company, partnership firm or individual to whom space has been allotted for the purpose of participation.

b. The term trade show shall mean the trade show known as “ZAK Doors & Windows Expo”

c. The term organisers shall mean: The Management, ZAK TRADE FAIR AND EXHIBITIONS PVT LTD .Zak Towers, 11, Murrays Gate Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018. India Tel: +91-44-42959595 Fax: +91-44-2820 2728

d. The trade show premises will include main passage. It will also include the general area and parking lot.

2. Exhibitors are required to indeminify to the organisers against any claim made against them in respect of damage to trade show halls and the venue caused by the exhibitor’s stand, exhibits, staff of by agents acting on the exhibitor’s behalf.

3. Incase of trade show being cancelled or suspended in whole or in parts for cause not in the organiser’s control the organisers do not accept any consequential liability.

4. a. No alteration to the size of an Exhibitor’s Stand is permitted without the prior written approval of the organisers.

b. Conversion of an allotted stall to free design is not permitted.

c. The Organisers reserve the right to require exhibitors to make such alterations to their stands as to avoid interference with the display of other exhibitors.

d. The organisers reserve the right to modify the layouts of stand sites and business desk ( Table space) and gangways.

e. Interior designers are particularly requested to avoid designs which block or box in other exhibitor stand.

f. Though reasonable fixing may be made to the flush plywood wall of the stall, no alterations to the fascia structure or the format is permitted.

g. Stands may not overhang the allotted area, nor are any obstructions permitted on gangways, firepoints, extinguishers or emergency exits.

h. No photographic or video graphic recording may be done without any prior written approval of the organisers.

5. Though the exhibitors are free to decorate their stands to the best of their ability for projecting the right image of their products and company, they should not cause any permanent

damage to the walls, panels and floors through use of nails, paints, or any other such activity.

6. No equipment can be operated which produces excessive noise to cause electrical interference or other annoyance. In this matter the decision of the organisers will be final.

7. a. Insurance of the exhibits and the property of the stands will be responsibility of individual exhibitors

b. The organisers shall not be responsible in any way for personal injury to the exhibitor or his staff, agents, invites or licensees however caused.

8. Payments or Hire/Rental charges shall be made as follows : As stipulated in Participation Fee Table.

9. The organisers reserve the right to cancel any reservation of space in the event of an exhibitor not having paid any dues of rental charges by due dates. Payment already received will be forfeited in such cases,

10. No cancellation reduction will be accepted from the date of application for space.

11. Although 24 hour security service will be in operation throughout the trade show exhibitors should take all possible precautions to minimize loss or damage to the equipment outside of tradeshow open hours.

12. No Hoardings, Banners etc., will be allowed on the trade show premises or on the roads in the vicinity unless their designs, specification, installations and location have been approved by the organisers. Such unauthorized display is liable to be removed by the organisers without notice.

13. Space not occupied:

a. Every exhibitor shall occupy the full area booked by him.

b. Should an exhibitor fail to take up stall, the organisers reserve the right to dispose of the stall so unoccupied as they think fit.

14. The exhibitors may not assign, sublet or grant licenses in respect of the whole or part of the stand, cards, advertisement, or printed matter of persons who are not bonafide exhibitors may not be exhibited or distributed from any stand except that an exhibitor may distribute cards, advertisements or printed matter in respect of companies or firms which are subsidaries of exhibitors or exhibitor’s ultimate holding company.

15. Exhibits must be removed from the stands before 11.00 p.m. on the last day of the trade show. Should an exhibitor fail to vacate his stand space or the premises by the time specified by the organisers, he shall be liable to any charge incurred by the organisers as the result thereof.

16. No material exhibit will be allowed to be taken out of the hall without valid exit pass obtained from the office authorized by the organisers

17. All onsite electrical installations must be carried out by the officially appointed electrical contractor before the connection to the main supply.

18. The organisers endeavours to ensure supply of services at the tradeshow premises and of those supplies mentioned in the manual. As the supply of such services is not within the control of the management, neither they nor the organisers shall be liable to the exhibitors for any loss or damage, If any such services shall wholly or partially cease to be available. Nor shall the exhibitor be entitled to any payments in respect of rental due to be paid under the contract.

19. The organisers and those authorized by them respectively have the right to enter the trade show premises at any time to execute work repairs and alterations and for other purposes.

20. Any verbal agreements concerning any aspect of the contract or the trade show are not valid unless confirmed in writing.

21. Sales tax general sales tax act requires all participants or the authorized dealers with sales tax numbers to obtain temporary branch certificate from the sales tax officer with whom the sales tax returns are being filed.

22. No inflammable article may be stored in the exhibition area. The exhibitors should make their own arrangement for insurance of goods / stocks at the venue and the organizers will not be responsible for damage / accident due to fire / floods / riot / civil commotion.

23. All exhibitors are subject to a general lien in favour of the organisers for all sums whether for unpaid rental or otherwise, due from on exhibitor to the organisers.

24. Any dispute between the organisers and the exhibitors is subject to the Jurisdiction of the court of India.

25. No refund of amount paid, under any circumstances.

26. Possession of the stall wil not be given until total cost of space is paid in advance

27. No gate pass will be given on the last day if all dues are not cleared.

28. For exhibitors booked under package, any extension of stay and / or additional People Flight Ticket will have to be arranged by the exhibitor themselves at their own cost.

Payment schedule : As stipulated in Contract Form.

Note : 1.Organisers reserve all rights to alter the floor plan .without any prior intimation.

2. Possession of the stall will not be given until full payment is made towards cost of space